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transport software

Located at the heart of the Port of Antwerp we are uniquely placed to observe the growing importance of container transport. Go4TMS offers clients the opportunity to correctly register and plan the transport of different containers from arrival at the port, to departure from the port. This results in a more transparent way of following-up your transports and a more successful way of monitoring your increasing volumes.

Relying on transportation files in Go4TMS, we can register new container transport assignments (importation and exportation) quickly and efficiently. These assignments contain every piece of information necessary, i.e. the various mooring quays, loading and unloading locations for the cargo, container type, ‘closing date’, etc.

The graphical planning tool is directly linked with these data and supports you to schedule the different container transports on time. Moreover, it provides the planner the necessary flexibility to split up transport if needed, or add further activities such as scanning, customs, weighing etc.

All of these proceedings could lead to additional costs, which can be calculated automatically using the tariff feature for both the customer (sales invoice) and the haulier/subcontractor (purchase invoice).

  • Creating transport files with accompanying order administration
  • Monitoring mooring quays, ship information, closing dates etc.
  • Rates based on container type, destination, extra charges
  • Purchasing and sales invoicing

  • Graphical planning online and via tablet
  • Transport orders: own vehicles and/or subcontractors
  • Registration of container numbers, seal numbers, PIN codes, etc
  • Monitoring fleet: tractors, chassis, drivers, etc

  • Importing orders via EDI, Excel
  • Digitalising CMR-records and/or other documents
  • Real-time communication with mobile Transport App
  • Sending transportorders to on-board computers: Transics, Trimble

  • Operational and financial dashboards
  • KPI reporting
  • Statistics on transported volumes
  • Subsequent calculation, margin calculation

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