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In an attempt to make transport more sustainable and reduce our ecological footprint, the flow of goods is increasingly moved away from the roads, and happens more frequently by rail, inland waterways, air et cetera. Transport companies relying on various modes of transport need transport software that enables this.

In Go4TMS we can create new transport files quickly and efficiently. It offers the possibility to change the mode of transportation several times between loading site and final destination. Thanks to predefined shipping routes (short-sea transport) or railroads (transport by rail) goods in containers and/or trailers can be tracked throughout the entire trajectory. Go4TMS automatically forwards bookings, thus communicating transparently about any additional costs.

The graphical planning tool is directly linked with these data and offers support when planning pre- and onward transports by road. Every planner operates within its geographical area with the available assignments and resources.

All of these proceedings could lead to various additional costs, which can be calculated automatically using the tariff feature for both the customer (sales invoice) and the haulier/subcontractor (purchase invoice). All incoming invoices can be monitored using the fully automated budgeting of shipment, rail or air cargo costs.

  • Creating transport files with accompanying order administration
  • Monitoring shipping routes, railroads, timetables etc.
  • Rates based on destination, trajectory, extra charges
  • Purchasing and sales invoicing
  • Graphical planning online and via tablet
  • Transport orders: own vehicles and subcontractors
  • Confirming bookings per shipping route, rail road etc.
  • Monitoring fleet: trailers, containers, tractors etc.
  • Importing orders via EDI, Excel etc.
  • Electronic booking intermodal transport
  • Real-time communication with mobile Transport App
  • Sending transport orders to on-board computers: Transics, Trimble
  • Operational and financial dashboards
  • KPI reporting
  • Statistics on transported volumes
  • Subsequent calculation, margin calculation

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