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Clever use of tank trucks will result in significant cost savings. In Go4TMS we offer you a tool that helps you track in great detail at what time which types of products are located in your tank trailers or tank containers, be it compartmentalised or not. It also helps you establish how to schedule the least number of cleaning operations.

Organizing transport of liquids requires proper registration of every piece of information needed such as product, weight, ADR requirements, etc. Apart from this, all available vehicles, including their capacity and various compartments, are managed.

The tank planning board is designed specifically to visually plan out and track the fleet of tank trailers and tank containers. This includes indicating which product was previously contained in each tank or tank compartment. This way tank transport can be scheduled as efficiently as possible relying on the resources available. It also takes the compatibility of various products into consideration, in order to limit the number of cleaning sessions.

Invoicing is determined automatically, based on the actual transported volume. This includes calculating profit and expenses.

  • Creating transport files with accompanying order administration
  • Monitoring products: synonyms, density, ADR information
  • Rates based on product, volumes, destination, extra charges
  • Purchasing and sales invoicing

  • Graphical tank planning
  • Visualisation status compartments
  • Transport orders: own vehicles and/or subcontractors
  • Monitoring fleet: semi-trailers, containers, tractors

  • Importing orders via EDI, Excel etc.
  • Digitalising CMR-records and/or other documents
  • Real-time communication with mobile Transport App
  • Sending transport orders to on-board computers: Transics, Trimble

  • Operational and financial dashboards
  • KPI reporting
  • Statistics on transported volumes
  • Subsequent calculation, margin calculation

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