Watertight organization of barge transports

When you book your barge transports, do you always feel like you’re under tremendous time pressure? Isn’t there a better way to plan your transports?
Yes, there is. With Go4TMS, not only is your order processing as smooth as it can be, but you also have a planning tool custom-tailored for barge transport.

Streamlined order process

No more manual entries on paper or in Excel. With Go4TMS, we automate your order processing and all the administration that goes along with it.

And the automation also makes sure that the right info goes straight to the right people.

An automated order process reduces the chance of error and puts all the information the planner needs in one place.

Planning tool tailor-made for barge transport

The visual planning board gives you a clear view of, on the one hand, the available resources, and on the other the orders that need to be planned.

You can view the schedule by individual day or over longer time frames, so you can know when any ship is going to be available. The planning board makes double booking simply impossible,

And it also provides you with a great deal of extra information, such as cargo details and all the necessary documents, all in one place and clearly laid out.

Help with the figures

Invoicing is also a component of Go4TMS. That means no extra work when it comes to creating the invoice, because all the info is already in the system.

And you can keep all your bookkeeping in one platform. If you prefer to keep working with your own accounting system, we can provide for an integration.

With all this, Go4TMS also gives you a better insight into your operating results. Just one click and you can see how much you are earning on any order!


“A good system pays for itself. Without Go4TMS, I would have had to recruit two extra people. Suddenly we even have room to grow with the staff we have right now!”

Manuela Straatman | CEO, Anaco


Is a watertight solution for your barge transports something that sounds interesting to you?
Talk to us, and then let Go4TMS do the work.

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