Efficient planning & administration of short sea transport

Do you find the planning of your short sea transports very complex?
That the administration sucks up a lot of time?
Go4TMS can help! Our visual planning tool and automatic rate calculation system take a lot of that work off your hands.

The best shipping line for your transport

Creating new transport files is quick and efficient, and you can automatically apply your standing or preferred shipping line.

You can also apply a different shipper of your choice,

Or let Go4TMS suggest one based on a number of configurable parameters.

Efficient planning with visual tool

The graphic planning tool contains all the information on all of your transports on the European continent, in the UK, Scandinavia, or the Mediterranean.

So all that information is at your fingertips when you use the clear, visually oriented planning board: you can see the orders to be executed, the available resources and all the vital statistics on every transport.

Each planner can work within their own geographic zone with a view to all the available resources, both your own and those of subcontractors, at a glance.

Total administration and bookkeeping automated

Setting rates has never been easier. All rates are calculated automatically based on a detailed set of calculation formulas.

Likewise, all actions that give rise to any surcharges are calculated automatically.

Incoming invoices can be checked based on an automatic budgeting of the shipping costs.


“The shipping module within Go4TMS saves us a whole lot of time. It lets us select our regular shipping line and the correct journey right from when we create the transport file.“

Joy Vermeire | Company Director, Mc Cann

Looking for the best planning of your short see transport without the effort?
Talk to us, and then let Go4TMS do the work.

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