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Ultimo Software Solutions is the supplier of Ultimo, the number one Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) cloud platform. The software helps customers in production, healthcare, logistics, infrastructure and public utilities to increase their assets’ uptime, control costs, extend asset lifetime, fulfill compliance requirements and guarantee a safe working environment.
Thanks to our TMS consultants and their extensive expertise, Ultimo has chosen Go4Logistics as their implementation partner for all their transport and logistics customers in Belgium.

Trimble is transforming the way the world is working with the products and services that connect the physical and the digital. With innovative technologies in areas like positioning, modeling, connectivity and data analysis, Trimble’s customers are taking their productivity, quality, safety and sustainability to the next level. From specially developed products to enterprise lifecycle solutions, Trimble’s software, hardware and services are playing a key role in the transformation of a wide range of sectors, from agriculture to construction, geospatial solutions, and transport & logistics.
Integration of Go4TMS with Trimble’s onboard computer solutions allows transport orders to be automatically sent from planning to the driver in the truck, along with all relevant transport information handled by Go4TMS. And the transport documents that the driver scans can also be immediately linked to the right customer file in Go4TMS.

Transics develops and markets software, hardware and services for the transport sector. The solutions of Transics help fleet operators to increase efficiency while optimizing the costs of their processes, make every journey more productive, safer and environmentally friendly, and improve their services overall.
By linking Go4TMS with the solutions from Transics, your planners can automatically send the drivers’ schedules directly to the trucks. Actions performed such as loading, unloading, waiting, etc. can be tracked in real time in Go4TMS by importing the data from Transics.

Suivo is a leader in the Internet of Things and SaaS. It offers a unique way of combining your workflows to optimize the management of your fleet, equipment, tools and people. With the Suivo solution, trackers, tags and sensors collect the relevant data in the IoT Cloud Platform. With that data, you can plan, manage and analyze everything through an intuitive web interface or set of mobile apps.
Go4TMS has been compatible with the Suivo Transport App for several years now, and many of our customers use it every day. Along with sending and receiving all relevant transport information, it lets you receive photos and PODs that can then be automatically linked to the correct transport file in Go4TMS.

Our Go4TMS can be linked to the transport planning software package PTV Route Optimizer (formerly PTV Smartour). This software package supports your planners in combining orders into optimal routes to reduce the number of kilometers driven and resources needed. It also automatically accounts for all restrictions, such as opening hours of docking bays and mandatory rest hours for drivers. Our partnership with PTV Route Optimizer is highly appreciated throughout the distribution world.

Continia delivers added value to users of Microsoft Dynamics with their solutions designed to effectively handle a number of different types of administrative processes. Over 900 partners worldwide in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Business Central ecosystem have experience supplying, implementing and supporting Continia solutions for their customers.
Our customers can fully automate their financial processes by integrating the Document Capture solution with Go4TMS: everything from receiving and logging documents to matching purchase orders to approving, booking and retrieving previously processed documents.

T-Mining is an Antwerp tech startup that is making maritime and logistic processes like Secure Container Release more secure and more efficient. Using decentralized, distributed technologies like blockchain, T-Mining is developing safer and more privacy-friendly solutions built on advanced security concepts such as SSI (Self Sovereign Identity).
Go4Logistics shares T-Mining’s interest in making container transport in the ports more secure. The container release process can be made fully automatic and secure by integrating T-Mining’s solution with the Go4Logistics Transport Management System.

NxtPort is a Data Utility Platform that collects and bundles data from multiple stages of the supply chain. The secure platform makes better data exchange possible, for more transparency, increased efficiency, less administration and better interoperability of existing platforms.
Go4Logistics is also a strong proponent of increased efficiency. That’s why we have created an interface with NxtPort for Certified Picked Up, which means container release is as secure as possible.


“I’m very pleased that with Go4Logistics, we have added the first Belgian implementation partner to our partner ecosystem. As the leading local specialist in the logistics market, they are helping us to help our customers work more efficiently.”

Marcel Leeflang | Head of Channel Sales, Ultimo


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