Efficient organization of your groupage & distribution transport

We’re guessing that it takes an incredible amount of effort to execute all your numerous orders on time every day!
You have to get all orders into your system fast and error-free, determine the most efficient route, and on top of everything else, keep your customers informed about the status of their goods.
The good news is: you can, with Go4TMS.

Fast and correct registration of high volumes of orders

You can import huge volumes of orders into Go4TMS automatically. That means not only fast, but error-free!

Orders can be imported from EDI, Excel, and many other sources.

If an order is not correctly registered or is incomplete, you get an automatic alert.

Delivery always on time

Plan all your assignments efficiently with our planning tool.

Be sure of the ideal route thanks to linking with a route planner tool.

Choose your favorite route optimization tool, and we handle the integration – seamless and reliable.

Managing your empties

With our order material module, you can be sure that your empty packaging is logged and tracked correctly.

This module gives you transparency into the balance of empties by customer and by delivery address any time, whenever you need it.

You can track all kinds of packaging materials: multiple types of pallets, plastic boxes, containers, rolling crates, etc.

Transparent communication with your customer

Customers can enter their orders in a simple, user-friendly platform.

And it also lets customers track the status of their orders themselves.

You can share documents like the CMR, the signed-off proof of delivery, or photos of goods (for example, in the event of damage).


“With the web portal, customers can import their transport orders directly, fast and error-free. This allows VRD to handle huge volumes of orders daily, and saves both VRD and the customers a huge amount of time.”

Liesbeth Van Raemdonck | Project Manager, VRD


”Go4Logistics has developed a tool that allows Jetpak to keep its customers closely informed of the progress of their shipments. With every change in the status of the order, an update is automatically sent to the customer.’

Gavin Jones | Sales Manager Europe, Jetpak


Do you have a huge number of orders that you want to get a better grip on?
Contact us and let Go4TMS do the work.

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