Save money by increasing the efficiency of your tank transport management

Do you also find efficient management of your tank transports so complex and time-consuming?
With Go4TMS, you always know exactly what products are in your trucks — even your compartmentalized trucks.
Result: efficient scheduling, and the minimum possible number of between-transport cleanings!

Perfect administration & organization

Go4TMS ensures correct registration of all information: product, weight or liters, ADR information, etc.

You always have a view to the available vehicles with their respective capacities and compartments. So management and scheduling are that much easier.

And all the required transport documents are stored in one place.

Visual planning  

The tank planning dashboard has been specially developed to enable you to efficiently plan and track your fleet of tank trailers and tank containers.

You see what the last product in any truck or truck compartment was.

By taking the compatibility of the products into account, you are able to plan as efficiently as possible and limit the number of cleanings to a minimum.

Automatic invoicing control

Invoicing can be controlled automatically on the basis of the actually transported volume.

And you can send the CMR and other documents along with the invoice at the touch of a button.

Go4TMS makes your revenues and costs before and after the performance of the transport completely transparent.


“In spite of the diversity and complexity of our transports, we found Go4Logistics to be a partner and project leader who knows the sector and is on our wavelength.”

Serge De Wolf  |  CEO, Trafuco

Do you want to be scheduling and managing your tank transports as efficiently as possible?
Talk to us, and then let Go4TMS do the work.

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