Planning intermodal transport with one system

Do you face the enormous complexity of intermodal transport on a daily basis, but are you still a fan of this type of transport? Rightly so.
But don’t worry: Go4TMS not only makes the connections between your various transport modes smooth, but saves you a tremendous amount of time by automating many of the underlying processes.

One system for all the modes of transport

Creating new transport files is quick and easy.

The intermodal module lets you change transport modes multiple times between the loading location and final destination.

Goods in containers and/or trailers can be tracked over the complete trajectory based on predefined shipping lines or railway lines.

Planning your pre- and post-transports ahead of time

Our graphics-based planning tool supports your scheduling of the pre- and post-transports by road.

Each planner works within their own geographic zone,

And always has a clear view of the orders and available resources.

Forwarding bookings automatically

Go4TMS gives the planner a clear view on the available time slots.

You can forward bookings automatically from Go4TMS.

And you always have a clear view on the costs involved.

Automatic calculation of revenues and costs

All actions that give rise to any of the various surcharges are calculated automatically.

The rate functionality supports both the sales invoicing (customer) and the procurement invoicing (subcontractor).

Incoming invoices can be checked based on an automatic budgeting of the shipping, rail or airfreight costs.


“Whether it is a road transport order or an air transport order, Go4TMS has the specific parameters of each type of transport built in.”

Gavin Jones | Sales Manager Europe, Jetpak


“With our comprehensive offer, we are a one-stop shop for our customers. And with the transport software of Go4Logistics, we can be sure that every order will be invoiced.”

Serge De Wolf | CEO, Trafuco

Would you be interested in one system to plan all your intermodal transports? 
Talk to us, and then let Go4TMS do the work.

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