Efficient registration and planning of your container transport

Does organizing your container transport involve a lot of work? And do you still end up with too many empty kilometers?
Go4TMS not only takes a lot of the manual work off your hands, but helps you get the best utilization out of your resources.

The efficient way to register orders

Creating transport files with all the necessary information is a breeze.

All the information is there in easy-to-complete fields: loading and unloading quay, loading and/or unloading references, type of container, type of chassis, closing dates, and more.

Entering additional actions like scanning, customs clearance, weighing, etc., is easy.

Container planning tool

The graphics-based planning tool is linked to the information in the transport file.

Organize your transport, taking all parameters into account, on the easy-to-read graphic planning board.

Put together the best combinations of loading and unloading orders in order to eliminate empty kilometers.

Direct communication with your drivers

Thanks to the link with the onboard computer, you can communicate with your drivers directly and forward them the latest planning information. And the drivers can feed back information from their end.

The planners are using real-time data from your drivers, so they can adjust the schedules where necessary.

Now, your administration department no longer must enter the data itself, and they can draft a correct invoice at the push of a button.

Flexible rate system

You can configure multiple calculation formulas. With Go4TMS’s handy rate system, drafting the procurement invoices and sales invoices is a breeze.

The system considers not only type of container, but things like extra costs from weighing or diesel fuel surcharge, all completely automatically.

The model routes save you a lot of work, both in registering the order and in drafting the invoice.

Save time with the TAR/TAS link

Thanks to the integration of Go4TMS with the booking system of the PSA and DP World terminals, the booking information no longer needs to be entered two times.

The transport department staff saves a lot of time on pre-registering and booking a container pickup/delivery.

Getting the required TAR and TAS codes has never been so easy.

Secure Container Release 

By using a digital key, you are assured that your containers are released safely and efficiently.

Go4TMS’s integration with the Secure Container Release platform simplifies your administrative processes significantly.

Less data entry means time saved for you.


“The container planning tool gives us the ability to create the most cost-efficient journey plan: simply by setting a number of parameters, we see the best combinations of loading and unloading tasks to reduce the number of empty kilometers that our drivers have to drive to a minimum.”

Joris Emanuel  |  IT manager, Van Moer


“As a transport company, we can make the difference by informing the customer faster and more accurately. The solutions of Go4Logistics give us a major competitive advantage.”

Marc Lanckriet | Board Member, ECS


Want to reduce both your manual work and the empty kilometers in your container transports?
Talk to us, and then let Go4TMS do the work.

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