In today’s hyperconnected world, businesses are constantly challenged to stay ahead of the curve. As a business owner, you dream of a thriving, future-proof organization that surpasses customer’s expectations. You envision seamless integrations, streamlined processes, and a team of professionals working harmoniously towards your success.

At Go4Logistics, we can make your digital dreams a reality

Get launched into a future without worries about IT, with a partner that not only offers the best software, but also has an experienced team and can guarantee a strong and lasting partnership. With our future-proof transport management software (TMS), our 100% customer focus and commitment to operational excellence, we’re dedicated to transforming your aspirations into tangible achievements.

Customer Focus

Founded in 2010, out of a passion for IT and a heart for logistics, we understand the needs of a modern transport company.

We believe in long-lasting relationships with our customers, and we strive to foster an environment of collaboration and open communication.

We are passionate about your success and dedicated to turning your dreams into a reality.

Future proof software

From optimizing operations to elevating customer experiences, Go4TMS empowers you with all essential tools for success.

Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, it is engineered to continuously evolve in today’s rapidly changing digital landscape.

Say goodbye to outdated systems and hello to seamless scalability, automatic updates, and robust security.

Operational Excellence

Behind every great achievement lies a team of experts, and we take pride in ours.

Our logistics and IT professionals are ready to deliver a complete solution that covers all your needs and prepares you for future challenges.

With their deep industry knowledge and innovative thinking, they provide invaluable guidance every step of the way.

Part of the Cronos Group

Go4Logistics was founded as a subsidiary of the Cronos group. Since its establishment in 1991, Cronos has evolved to become today Belgium’s largest IT group with over 9,000 employees and 9,000 customers. Its activities cover all layers of the IT stack, ranging from infrastructure to applications of all kinds. With more than 750 companies in the group and 25 branches in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Spain and the US, the group achieved a consolidated turnover of 982 M Euro in 2021.

Within the Cronos Group, Go4Logistics is an integral part of the Microsoft Dynamics Competence Centre, comprising a team of more than 1400 skilled Microsoft professionals. This association with the Cronos Group not only ensures financial stability but also provides access to a vast pool of expertise and resources, empowering us to deliver an exceptionally wide range of solutions and services.

Turn your digital dreams into reality

Streamline operations, boost growth, and stay ahead in the digital landscape.
Collaborate with our experts as they bring your vision to life, guide you on this journey to overcome challenges, identify opportunities, and help you turn your aspirations into a future-proof organization.

Your future is bright, and together, we’ll make it shine like never before!

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