24 Jun, 2024

    Employees in the spotlight: Pradeep and Camilla

    24 Jun, 2024

      In the section ‘employee in the spotlight’ a colleague tells what drives him/her at Go4Logistics. This time we let two colleagues speak: Pradeep (TMS developer) and Camilla (TMS consultant), both an established value in our team.


      A lot of experience

      Pradeep, originally from India, brought a lot of experience with him when he came to Go4Logistics five years ago. He was active as a developer and consultant, for various companies, all over the world, for more than ten years. He wanted to continue his career in Europe because of the focus on technology & innovation, the rich cultural diversity, and the professional growth opportunities. He found all these aspects in the role of TMS developer at Go4Logistics.

      Camilla also adds enormous value to the company thanks to her extensive experience as a business analyst and project manager and thanks to her passion for IT. In her search for a new job, she found everything she wanted at Go4Logistics. After working for years for various branches in the maritime sector (liner agencies, logistics and port agencies), she wanted to get to know the transport branch better. The position of consultant really appealed to her and she is thrilled to be working in the port of Antwerp again.


      The power of teamwork

      Fulfilling the wishes of our customers is what Pradeep and Camilla work on, day in and day out. And they do this together, with success! The keys to their successful approach? Thorough preparation and a lot of communication.

      Pradeep: “Camilla clarifies the customer’s needs based on fully developed analyzes with visual overviews. We then discuss all possible functional scenarios, which I then thoroughly analyze technically, and only then we decide together what needs to be developed. In addition to extensive preparation, good communication and constant coordination are very important! We work together intensively and make constantly adjustments.”

      Camilla: “A thorough preparation is half the battle. That is why we worked hard on drawing up good procedures and processes. I am proud of the projects that Pradeep and I have delivered together at Van Moer Logistics and Molenbergnatie, among others.”


      Openness and trust

      Camilla and Pradeep both feel very good at Go4Logistics.

      Camilla: “What I like about Go4Logistics is the openness, they always listen to you. That can be an idea, but also if you are struggling with something. Everything is negotiable and they always look for a solution for you. Moreover, there is a nice atmosphere, partly due to the diversity of nationalities and the room for humor. Moreover, I get plenty of opportunities to learn, which stimulates my professional growth.”

      Pradeep: “At Go4Logistics I am given the confidence to take the lead in projects and to work independently. I find that trust extremely important, it stimulates me to go for it and to do better and better. In addition, we continuously adapt our Go4TMS platform to the latest new technologies. I really like the dynamics that come with this and the fact that I learn new things every day. Never a dull moment in the office! 😊”