04 Feb, 2020

    New CEO-CTO tandem at transport software company Go4Logistics

    04 Feb, 2020

      4 February 2020 – Go4Logistics, provider of software solutions for transportation and logistics companies, is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. Time to take stock, not only in terms of the product, but they also scrutinised the organisation. Co-founder Joeri Lyssens becomes CTO. He will fully focus on the product and as such, among other things facilitate internationalisation. Veerle Goossens, previously sales & marketing manager at the company, becomes CEO.

      The best product you can find ever.’ That was Lyssens’ intention in establishing Go4Logistics in 2010. ‘In the past ten years, we have offered innovative TMS solutions with attention for the specific needs of each customer. We now want to enter the next phase of our growth strategy and, together with our customers, take further steps abroad’, according to Lyssens.

      A state of the art product is crucial here: a top quality product, modelled on the latest technologies. Another important point is embedding the necessary intelligence so that customers can plan and manage their shipments even better. CTO Lyssens feels like a fish in this high-tech water.  

      Veerle Goossens, the brand new CEO, has years of experience in the transportation & logistics sector and is looking forward to the future. ‘It will be a special year for Go4Logistics. Together with our customers we celebrate our 10th anniversary. The relationship we have built up over the years will only strengthen when we start implementing Go4TMS at their foreign subsidiaries. But the Belgian transport market obviously remains our focus, because not every company has international ambitions. The Belgian customers must continue to receive our attention!’ says Goossens.

      About Go4Logistics
      Go4Logistics develops software solutions for transportation and logistics companies. The company combines years of expertise in the development and implementation of TMS systems with extensive experience in logistics processes. Go4TMS is a software solution that is suitable for managing and scheduling shipments by road, water, rail and air. Go4Logistics offers solutions for container transport, groupage and distribution, short sea shipping, tanker transport, intermodal and international transport.
      More information: www.go4logistics.be


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