17 Mar, 2020

    Is your transport sufficiently protected? Or are the first signs already being felt?

    17 Mar, 2020

      The importance of transport in times of crisis is now becoming very clear. At present, it is all hands on deck for transport companies to keep the population supplied with vital resources. By extension, the planning of these important transports is also crucial. A transport management system in the cloud ensures continuous operation.

      Continued deliveries thanks to a cloud solution

      In these times of the coronavirus, it is very important that carriers can continue doing their indispensable work as much as possible. Go4Logistics already provides one important link with Go4TMS in the Cloud. Through the online planning tool, transportation planners can continue to schedule shipments from any location. That also means from home on the PC or even via a tablet. But other employees can also continue to use Go4TMS, anywhere and with any device. That way, the operation of the order administration and invoicing departments, for example, remains guaranteed.

      Our own services also remain guaranteed

      Our own Go4Logistics employees are currently taking the opportunity to work at home as well. Thus we are able to continue to help our customers in these hectic times. The support desk staff and consultants are, as always, ready for all questions and the necessary support. Our developers continue to work on our transport management solutions and the ongoing projects at our customers.

      Subsidies for Go4TMS in the Cloud

      Of course, neither must we forget the financial benefits of a cloud solution. You pay a fixed monthly fee for the use of the application in the cloud and one-time implementation and training costs. This avoids the high costs of purchasing licences and servers. Moreover, you can obtain an 80% subsidy for your investment in your Transport Management System in the cloud if your company is located in Flanders. You will find more information here (information only available in Dutch).


      The limitation period in which we currently find ourselves may be a time to take a critical look at your business processes and digitise them. Don’t allow the coronavirus into your company and choose Go4TMS in the Cloud. Contact us and we will see how we can help you: +32 (0)3 443 12 15 – info@go4logistics.be