28 Feb, 2023

    Transport Management System from Go4Logistics ready for MSC’s ID-based container pick-up

    28 Feb, 2023

      28 February 2023 – Starting 1 June 2023, the MSC PSA European Terminal (MPET) will no longer allow container collection by PIN code. MSC is the first shipper in the world to introduce ID-based collection of containers. This is a step forward that will improve security throughout the supply chain. Go4Logistics is fully prepared for this new procedure, and thanks to the integration with its Transport Management System Go4TMS this release process will be virtually automatic.


      Secure Container Release

      The new collection process is part of the rollout of Secure Container Release (SCR) at MPET. Secure Container Release is based on proof of identity and fingerprint security, and has been set up to prevent drug smuggling. Now, instead of a PIN code, drivers need to scan their Alfapass and thumbprint. The underlying blockchain technology behind SCR is the result of over five years of development and testing by the tech experts of T-Mining.


      Ultimate efficiency thanks to link with Go4TMS

      Go4TMS is integrated with the Secure Container Release solution from T-Mining. And in addition, Go4TMS is also linked with NxtPort’s Certified Pick Up system. Plus, we have set up a configuration for Alfapass, the access pass for drivers in the Port of Antwerp – another aspect of secure container collection at the port.

      Thanks to all these integrations, you get an end-to-end solution for the safe collection of your containers. That means you can complete the entire process within Go4TMS: from processing and planning the order, through automatic linking of the container release rights to the correct order, to assigning a driver or transferring the pickup right to a subcontractor. So your administrative processes are a lot easier too.


      Successful test at Van Moer Logistics

      Over the past year, the new technology was tested extensively with Van Moer Logistics and MPET, and it passed those tests with flying colors. This testing used Go4TMS from Go4Logistics.

      Joeri Lyssens, CTO at Go4Logistics, says,

      “With all the container transporters in our customer portfolio, we know the market for container transports inside and out. And we know the demand for digitalization is high. Go4TMS’s integration with SCR is a huge step forward.”


      Press information
      Go4Logistics, Joeri Lyssens, jl@go4logistics.be, GSM +32 477 63 36 84

      About Go4Logistics  Go4Logistics develops solutions for transport and logistics companies based on a solid foundation of experience in the sector itself. Inspired by the needs of enterprises in transport and logistics, the company developed Go4TMS as a new, innovative total solution based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly Microsoft Dynamics NAV). www.go4logistics.be