30 Jan, 2023

    Successful IT projects at Van Moer Logistics thanks to unique partnership with Go4Logistics

    30 Jan, 2023

      Van Moer Bulk & Liquids (VMBL), Van Moer Logistics’ bulk & tank container division, recently upgraded to a new Transport Management System (TMS). The go-live of this new system went extremely smoothly, and the success of this project is all down to the outstanding partnership between VMBL and Go4Logistics. It was so successful that they already have the plans for their next joint project on the drawing board!


      Latest TMS environment

      Transport & logistics service provider Van Moer Logistics wants to support its divisions with the most modern and efficient tools for their operations. That means staying on top of the latest in software and digital solutions. So upgrading from Go4TMS to the newest version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central AL is, of course, a logical and important step towards this. First up for the migration was Van Moer Bulk & Liquids. Iwan De Block, COO at VMBL, explains, “The new TMS environment gives us a future-proof system, one that provides us with the right insights at all times. And now we can get these insights and work with them on any device and any browser, at any time and any place. The latest state-of-the-art platform is also a trump card we can play in any future takeovers as we expand our business.”

      Unique collaboration

      The team at VMBL looks back on the project with tremendous satisfaction. The fact that it was so successful is largely down to the outstanding partnership between VMBL and Go4Logistics. The basis of a successful partnership like this is knowing each other really well, helping and trusting each other. And that foundation was already there from the long history of cooperation between them. It also helped that each party had a project team with a clear distribution of roles. They had frequent contact moments in accordance with a predefined communication matrix. Last but not least, the two teams exhibited both enormous dedication and the will to achieve a successful change.


      Another significant factor was engagement. The key Go4TMS users at VMBL were completely engaged in the process from the very beginning. They also took on a model function in using the new TMS system, and this helped them to get the other users on board. Alongside the key users, the management of VMBL also demonstrated their engagement. Getting them involved in the preparations meant that when unforeseen things arose, they could lend a hand in moving the project past the obstacles.

      Successful partnership

      Van Moer Logistics has been working with Go4Logistics since 2015. And thanks to this recent successful go-live, the trust that was already there has only increased. There is no question that Go4Logistics’ state-of-the-art platform is going to remain a key piece of Van Moer’s digital future. VMBL already has the intention of further expanding the current TMS solution with the goal of being able to provide even better service. And the plans to upgrade Go4TMS at the rest of Van Moer’s divisions are just getting started. So to be continued!


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