12 Jan, 2021

    Barge operator? With Go4TMS, you’re ready for a waterproof future!

    12 Jan, 2021

      Congestion in coastal harbours and inland is a known problem. In the past, inland navigation has proven itself to be a strong alternative for road transport and will be even more important in the future. And are you as a barge operator ready for this growth? A specialised transport management system ensures that your business stays on track.

      The ability to process your orders easily and quickly, have a clear overview of your schedule and rapid communication with all stakeholders. These are just some of the many challenges facing you daily as a barge operator.
      Go4Logistics knows the specific needs of inland navigation. With our Go4TMS solution, we ensure smooth order processing, a clear schedule and flawless invoicing. Additionally, you can manage your entire accounting in Go4TMS. If you have any other needs, our consultants will be happy to map them, because in addition to providing standard solutions, we are captains of customisation.

      Streamlined order process

      As a barge operator, you must maintain a good overview of your order process. If you still work a lot on paper or in Excel, then that’s quite the challenge: you have a great deal of manual work and mistakes are sometimes made. With a transport management system such as Go4TMS, everything runs automatically as soon as an entry is registered. This allows you to enter the data just once, and the emails with all order information are sent to the right people immediately.
      Barge operator Anaco is already convinced of the added value of Go4TMS:

      ’We now work significantly faster than before. With fewer errors, because we no longer have to enter manually twice’, says Manuela Straatman, CEO of Anaco.

      Planning is easier

      Since barges take several days to do a transport, you should be able to consult the schedule for a whole week or even for a longer period. That is why Go4Logistics has developed a planning tool for ships. You now see the schedule for an entire week at a glance and you soon see when, for example, a ship becomes available. Moreover, the planning board offers a vast amount of additional information, such as cargo details and all necessary documents. So you no longer need to search for the necessary information, because everything is well organised in one place. Thanks to a clear planning, you also no longer make double entries.

      Help with the figures

      The invoicing is also part of Go4TMS. So no more unnecessary extra work when preparing the invoices, because all the information is already in the system. Moreover, you can process your entire accounting operations within the same platform. This avoids having to make an additional link, and you can enjoy all the benefits of working in one system: no duplication of work, the chance of errors is considerably smaller and everything goes faster. If you still want to keep working with your own accounting system, we can provide for an integration. And last but not least, thanks to Go4TMS, you have a better understanding of your business result. For example, with one click, you can see how much you earn per order.

      That a good system pays for itself is confirmed by Manuela Straatman:

      ’Without Go4TMS, I would have had to recruit two extra people. Right now we even have room to grow with the current staff!’

      Are you interested in the Go4TMS package that supports the entire operation of your inland navigation business?
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