12 Feb, 2021

    Happy Valentine

    12 Feb, 2021

      Valentine’s Day… the time to think about your loved ones. Here at Go4Logistics, it’s really a bit like Valentine’s Day every day, because we all love our job. We thought it would be nice to share with you the passion we feel for our job. 
      Where does our ‘love’ for the job come from? Find out below.
      Happy Valentine!

      Joeri, CTO, Founding partner

      ’Constant urge to improve processes’

      In addition to my passion for inventing new software solutions, I have a big heart for transportation. Transport just fascinates me enormously, it’s a dynamic world where everything has to move forward quickly, ‘time is money’ is a rule that plays an extremely big role here. That dynamic, that constant urge to improve processes, is what drives me every day to let our software evolve too.

      Cédric, TMS Consultant

      ’Always looking for my runner’s high’

      No two days are the same for me. There are always new projects in the pipeline that as a consultant you can grab and develop. Because of the close contact with my customers, I can discover with them new insights, new integrations, new trade lanes, … Together with them, I always try to arrive at a correct and precise scope to assist them in their growth as a company. This gives me the satisfaction as a consultant. I almost dare to compare this to a runner who keeps looking for his ‘runner’s high’.

      Hussam, Team Lead TMS NAV/.Net development  – Power BI expert

      ’’The same drive as when I was a junior developer’

      It’s been a while since I started my career in software development, but I still have the same feeling as when I was a junior developer and delivered my first business application. The customer thanked us for the time saved by automating the payroll calculations of the employees. I still have that same passion for taking on challenges. It is a privilege to be able to do this together with a ​​talented development team.

      Zeno, TMS Consultant

      ’Combining two passions’

      Logistics has always been the common theme throughout my career. In addition, I have an extensive interest in IT and automation. In my job, I can combine both elements and thus help the customer to run their business processes more smoothly. I get a lot of satisfaction when the customer gains new technological insights thanks to the intensive collaboration and exchange of ideas.

      Mohamed, Junior .Net developer

      ’Developing things that make the other person’s life easier’

      I love my job because I develop things that make other people’s lives easier.
      I was already interested in the Internet when I was young and often wondered how websites worked. From that moment on, I knew that I wanted to be the one behind all those apps and websites. So I went to a technical university and became a software developer. My dream came true. I do my job with passion and never feel like it’s a burden, even in more difficult moments.

      Veerle, CEO

      ’Working with people who are each unique in their own way’

      Every day I’m fortunate to be able to work with people who are each unique in their own way. Whether it’s our customers, our employees or our suppliers, I want to get to know them all. The better you get to know someone, the better you can work together and the more the ‘love’ for each other grows. I first came into contact with the logistics sector more than 20 years ago, and I already ‘fell in love’ then. Today my heart for logistics & transport is even bigger!

      Greg, TMS Consultant

      ’My job is a match made in heaven’

      Ever since my youth I have been passionate about IT in general. I have worked in various transport companies for the past 25 years. My job is simply a match made in heaven.

      Usama, Junior NAV/TMS developer

      ’I was made for this’

      From childhood (I was born in the 90s), I was very inspired by IT. I was obsessed with it and wanted to learn everything. It started with playing games and ended with programming and creating codes, all by myself. So I think I was made for this.

      Weronika, Junior .Net developer

      ’I feel like a detective’

      I love my job because every time I’m programming, I can feel a bit like a detective. If you have a problem, you have to find out step by step where it went wrong in the code. Sometimes that can be challenging. In addition, technology is evolving rapidly and every day there may be a new and better way to do something.

      Stephen, TMS Consultant / TMS Customer service

      ’Love for the sector’

      My first job was in the world of logistics, where my love for the sector originated. My passion for technology and gadgets only makes that love bigger. With new technological possibilities every day, the world of transport and logistics continues to amaze me. And I want to be a part of it every day.

      Rahul, Tech lead product

      ’My job gives me the opportunity to follow my passions’

      I have always had a passion for computers and business analysis. I’m fortunate that my job gives me the opportunity to follow my passions. As product lead, I am responsible for keeping our product up-to-date and for developing new value-added features for existing and potential customers. Besides business analysis, there is a lot of teamwork involved and I like that too. The collaboration is really great, everyone shares the same vision and is committed to the mission.

      Peter, Knowledge solutions expert

      ’Being able to help people’

      What I love about my job is that I always have new technical challenges. The IT world is constantly changing, I can learn something new every day. I find it very exciting to be able to help people by providing the right solutions.

      Frank, Account manager

      ’Two passions that fit together perfectly’

      I have always been extremely fascinated by the transport world. Moving goods from A to B captured my imagination. I’ve also been frequently on the road myself, and I’ve talked a lot with drivers. This passion fits perfectly with my other great interest, namely IT. So I can enjoy my job to the fullest every day. It is also very important to me to continue the work of Evelynn (†).

      Els, Marketing & communications

      ’I always wanted to be a journalist’

      Writing is my great passion. As a child, I always wanted to become a journalist. What I like about my job is translating the sometimes very technical matter into comprehensible human language. Sometimes it’s quite a challenge, but my colleagues always make time to explain things to me. My other ‘thing’ is organizing. Hopefully I will be able to organize the (postponed) party for our 10th anniversary very soon.