12 Jan, 2021

    Container-transport Software: Just one of the specialties of Go4Logistics

    12 Jan, 2021

      With the container-transport software by Go4Logistics you have a comprehensive solution for your container transports: starting at the moment of arrival in the port up to and including the departure from the port.

      Just as with every type of transport, container shipping also has specific challenges. Established in the heart of the port and with a variety of container shippers in its clientele portfolio, Go4Logistics knows these needs as well as anyone.

      Efficient transport registration and planning

      Registering your transport projects for import and export containers as quickly and efficiently as possible? With Go4TMS in the blink of an eye, you can make transport files with all of the necessary data: loading and unloading docks, loading and/or unloading references, container type, chassis type, closing date,…  With the greatest of ease, you are also able to add additional actions to your orders such as scanning, customs, weighing,…

      The graphic planning tool is coupled with all of these data points: the structured planning dashboard helps you organise your transports, taking all parameters into account. You are then certain that you are planning all of your transports in a timely fashion. In addition, the tool helps with creating the best import/export combinations. As such, you can significantly reduce the number of wasted kilometres.

      If you have your own warehouses, moreover, then we have developed a customised container-planning tool. This takes into account the shorter traffic loads to and from your warehouses: with the depot in/depot out overview you can optimise the incoming and outgoing work. Result: you quickly make the best combinations of your loading and unloading projects. ‘Thanks to the container-planning tool, we are realising 50% more volume with 2,5 less full-time equivalents’, says Joris Emanuel, IT Manager at Van Moer Logistics.

      Flexible tariffs system

      Thanks to a handy tariffs system, you can quickly create your purchase and sales invoicing. Within Go4TMS, you can build in various calculation formulas for your container transactions: not only is the type of container, the destination or possible toll taken into account, but also extra costs for the weighing or a diesel surcharge are also automatically calculated. For repeat projects we have also set up trade lanes, which are model routes in which all data of the project are already recorded. Thus you gain time with the registration of the project and ensure that you have created the invoices in a fraction of the time.


      Thanks to the coupling of Go4TMS with various internal and external systems, you can save a great deal of time. As such, we can make a connection with the on-board computer of your drivers. They can then provide feedback when a container is picked up, what the weight is,… Thus you have a two-fold advantage. In the first place, administration no longer has to input this data themselves. In addition, the feedback information is immediately processed: the planners work with real-time data and bookkeeping can create the proper invoice. Furthermore, the driver can also provide the container number and the seal number on the spot for an export project so that this can be sent to the client immediately. Yet another advantage!

      Time-saving thanks to the TAR/TAS-coupling

      At the moment we are currently putting the finishing touches on the development of the TAR/TAS-coupling. With this, the planners shall be able to save a significant amount of time with the consignments and booking of the picking up or delivery of a container. Thanks to the integration of Go4TMS with the booking system of the PSA and DP World terminals, the booking information no longer needs to be entered two times. Obtaining the necessary TAR and TAS codes thus becomes significantly easier.

      Future developments

      Certified Pick up or Secure Container Release, the innovative solutions for the releasing of containers in the Port of Antwerp are also on our agenda. We are also are in favour of a digital key that would make the release of containers safer and more efficient. At this moment we are in contact with the various involved parties and are looking at how we can best help our clients.

      Do you also want to better manage and plan your container transport with Go4TMS?
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