Certainty about tomorrow’s transport

Do I have all the goods in for tomorrow’s transport? That is the critical question when it comes to cross-docking.
With the cross-dock scanning solution from Go4Logistics, you always have an accurate overview of what goods are in and which are not.

WMS software for transport

Know what’s arrived at a glance
By scanning all goods that come in, you have an accurate list of what goods are in and which aren’t. No more manual checking off of lists or endlessly searching for that pallet that wasn’t delivered.

Put the goods where they need to be, ready to go
After scanning, you can see immediately where you need to put the goods for their outgoing transport. So you can be sure that the right items will always be leaving with the right truck.

All goods get to the customer on time
Thanks to the integration of Go4WMS with Go4TMS, the system immediately matches incoming goods with the transport order in Go4TMS. That means with Go4WMS, you are assured that you can deliver all the goods to your customers on time.

The right goods on the right truck

If anything isn’t matched with the order or if a pallet must not be parked in a certain zone, you get an error message. This means you can rest assured that there will be no mistakes and your customers will be receiving the right goods.

Real-time status updates via the web portal

Just like you want to get real-time info about the status of your delivery, you want to be able to give your customer that same information. Go4WMS puts 100% accurate info in your hands, that the client can view via the web portal.


“We now know with 100% certainty what is in a shipment and what isn’t, without spending a lot of time figuring it out. That means the warehouse employees can start preparing the outgoing transport immediately.”

Liesbeth Van Raemdonck | Project Manager, VRD


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