Make better and faster decisions

Has there been an increase in the number of orders? What is my gross margin? What is the number of empty kilometers? What about delivery reliability? Go4Reporting gives you the answers to these crucial questions fast.

Reporting software for transport

Count on our expertise
We are simply experts in knowing what information transport companies need. Combine that with our business intelligence expertise, and you know you’re getting the right solution for your company.

Get the insight that YOU need
To manage your business in the correct way, and make the right adjustments when you need to, you need the answers to a lot of questions — YOUR questions. We work with you to catalog the specific insights your company needs and what reports will give them to you.

Extensive gamma reporting & dashboards
We provide operational and financial dashboards, detail-level reporting on your customers, subcontractors and drivers, and much more. On top of all that, custom reporting and Power BI dashboards give you even more insight.

Custom reporting 

No matter what insights you need, we generate the right report. It might be route analyses, customer-specific statistics, quality analyses, tailor-made follow-up reports… you name it.
Go4TMS supports your supervisors and financial, administrative and operational people with accurate, fast and correct information, every minute of every day.

Power BI 

For the most complete insights, look to the Power BI dashboards. In addition to the data from your TMS, we can also draw an other data sources, such as your ERP system, CRM system, onboard computer solution, financial package, and more. We connect and enrich all this data and turn it into usable dashboards that make sense.


“Delivery reliability is a very important factor in the distribution world. Thanks to Go4Reporting, we have more insight at a glance.”

Liesbeth Van Raemdonck | Project Manager, VRD

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