Planning becomes child’s play

Are you swamped with orders every minute of the day?
Orders that also change as the day progresses?
Go4Planning gives you the optimum tool for planning and actioning these orders.

Transparent handling of all your transports

Plan with handy overviews
The planner gets a visual overview of the available resources and the orders that need to be carried out. Plus, handy tools to help with the planning: drag-&-drop functionality, a timeline and a color-coded status indicator for the orders. So on-time delivery is guaranteed!

Choose how you work!
We know that every planner has their own way of working. That’s why we made Go4Planning versatile. View your schedule not just by day, but by full week or an even longer time frame if you need it. Or, view in journey overview mode.

All the information in one place
The planner can find all relevant information about the transport order in one place: order details, cargo details, equipment info and all helpful transport documents. You can also get alerts whenever there are planning conflicts.

Always on time

With the registration of the desired or required delivery moment, the planning tool automatically knows what needs to be planned first. Go4Planning gives you the right insight, so your customers always receive their shipments on time and in the desired quality.

No more empty kilometers

The planning tool can make suggestions to help the planner create the best combinations of delivery and pickup locations. That enables you to avoid empty kilometers.

Optimize routes

By integrating Go4TMS with a route optimization tool, we take all the guesswork off the planner’s hands. Go4TMS automatically proposes the most efficient route, so the planners can devote their attention to improving other aspects of the transport.

Real-time communication with the driver

By linking Go4Planning with the onboard computers, your own drivers and the drivers of your subcontractors see the various transport orders right on their screens. That allows the driver to, in turn, feed back real-time data so the office staff can adjust the planning as needed.


“Thanks to the container planning tool, we are delivering 50% more volume with two-and-a-half full-time equivalent less.”

Joris Emanuel | IT Manager, Van Moer


“Originally, we had two planners in the office at every depot, but thanks to the stacker screen we can now put that manpower in central planning.”

Anja De Block | Administration Coordinator, Van Moer


“With the week planning, the planners can now see the status of all ships at a glance. So they can clearly see when a given ship is going to be freed up again.”

Manuela Straatman | CEO, Anaco


Would you be interested in planning your transports better, too?
Talk to our consultants.

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