Maximum efficiency

Want to limit your manual work to the absolute minimum? And prevent human error?
Go4Integration connects all the software systems within your company, so you can do all your work in one platform.

Integration with transport software 

Save time
After you integrate Go4TMS with external systems, you never have to input data twice again. This not only saves you time but prevents opportunities for human error to creep into your data.

Standard and custom linking
Our system links up with onboard computer systems, ERP systems, WMS systems, route optimization tools, EAM platforms, OCR solutions, and more. And if you have a system it does not already link with, we make it happen.

Fast and simple integration
Our Go4TMS is built to make interfacing with external systems as easy as possible. Plus, our team includes integration specialists who can also support your IT department on integration issues.

The ideal route for your driver

Good planning of your transport orders is one thing; but of course, you also want to be sure your drivers are taking the best possible routes. Integration with a route planner tool gives you that certainty. These specialized software packages generate the ideal route using a specially tailored AI algorithm.

Send orders to your driver

Through a link with the onboard computer, the driver gets instructions sent directly from planning and can feed back information about the delivery to the Go4TMS platform.

Orders registered in one place

Do you have large volumes of orders to process on a daily basis? We made sure that you can automatically import orders into Go4TMS thanks to the Order Import Module. That means no more time-consuming manual order input. Integration with your WMS system ensures that you never have to input an order twice.

Track your assets efficiently

You probably have assets, potentially a lot of assets, that have to be managed efficiently. Integration with an asset management platform gives you the ability to make your maintenance more efficient and increase your productivity, for example, by ensuring that assets don’t go out of rotation unexpectedly.


“Go4TMS’s integration with the Ultimo platform has made the maintenance of our assets very efficient. That saves us time and money.”

Joris Emanuel | IT Manager, Van Moer


“With the upload system, customers can import their transport orders fast and error-free. That saves both the customers and us a lot of time.”

Liesbeth Van Raemdonck | Project Manager, VRD


“The integration with the package we use for drafting customs documents has eliminated so much of the manual work we had to do before.”

Gavin Jones | Sales Manager Europe, Jetpak


Would you like to discover the added value that integration can mean for you?
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