All-in-one system

Does your invoicing process always take longer than you expect? And then, you still find mistakes?
With Go4Invoicing, your invoices will be done fast and error-free.

Invoicing software for the transport industry

Setting rates is easy
Choose from many ways to define your rates, whether they are unique to one customer or applicable to multiple customers. And the software also manages your commitments with vendors centrally. The system then calculates all rates automatically using an extensive and detailed set of calculation methods. So you get a view of all your operating revenues and costs at a glance.

Your sales and procurement invoices in one package
Do you want to do all your invoicing in Go4TMS? You can! The system first checks whether there are additional income or expense flows, such as extra loading or unloading, waiting hours, etc. You then determine the frequency at which you invoice, and you have the option to make the process fully automatic or build in an extra verification step.

All your accounting in the same system
Booking an invoice generates a correct general ledger entry in your Dynamics 365 Business Central accounting system, without any intervention on your part. An extended dimension system lets you run financial analyses to get a good picture of your costs and revenues.

Pre-invoice customers

Amounts to be invoiced are prepared in advance, to make the invoicing as easy as possible. If the customer sends the invoice, amounts to be invoiced can be selected and then invoiced via a self-billing or pre-invoicing process.

Pre-invoicing vendors

The external costs of subcontractors can also be collected on an invoice (for verification). The costs can also be sent out to the subcontractor proactively in an invoicing proposal with a pre-invoicing list, which is then easy to incorporate into the procurement invoice upon receipt.

Accounting module 

You can handle your complete financial administration in the financial module in Business Central, where you have a number of standard functionalities available: financial general ledger, sales, VAT returns, consolidation… If you work with an external accounting firm, they can be granted access to your accounting system at no additional cost.

Automate your financial accounting

The Document Capture solution within Go4TMS eliminates all the manual work: from receiving and logging documents to matching purchase orders to approving, booking and retrieving previously processed documents.


“The electronic processing not only saves accounting a lot of time, but now the employees can access any invoice from anywhere.”

Manuela Straatman | CEO, Anaco


Would you be interested in making your invoicing process fast and error-free?
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