The efficient way to register orders

Do you lose a lot of time entering your transport orders? And do mistakes creep in?
Go4TMS saves you all that manual work and eliminates errors, not only when creating the transport files but also at the order administration phase.

TMS software for efficient transport management

Create your transport orders in a snap
Manual work is reduced to a minimum, because you can quickly generate an order from a quote or via the model route function. Or, if you prefer, import orders from customers automatically. The fast and error-free way.

Collect all useful information
Pickup and delivery address, opening hours, type of goods, dimensions, weights, ADR information, etc. It’s all there in the orders. And any transport documents needed are linked to the file.

Enter rates the easy way
Go4TMS calculates all rates automatically using an extensive and detailed set of calculation methods. Entering rates is not only easy, but you can select how to apply them: by distance, time, weight, vehicle characteristics, etc.

The simple route from quote to order

The quote module in Go4TMS enables you to create a quote fast and send it straight to the customer automatically. After the customer approves it, the quote is immediately converted into an order, without any manual action on your part. Plus, the quote module helps you track the results of your sales team.

Transparency for your customers

The Go4TMS web portal gives your customers the most user-friendly way to forward their orders. It also lets them track the status of their orders themselves. And you can also share documents with the customer via the web portal: things like the CMR, signed-off delivery note, photos of damaged goods, or the invoice.

Central document management

Never search endlessly through paper customer files for that one document again, thanks to the document management solution in Go4TMS. All required documents and important communications with your customer are managed centrally and are accessible to all employees. So expedient processing is guaranteed!

Costs under control

Your shipment of goods is one thing, but what about the delivery and packaging materials? That, too, requires the right follow-up. The order material module gives you transparency into the balance of empties by customer and by delivery address. You can use this module for a wide variety of delivery and packaging materials: multiple types of pallets, plastic boxes, containers, rolling crates, and more.


“With the web portal, customers can import their transport orders directly, fast and error-free. This allows VRD to handle huge volumes of orders daily, and saves both VRD and the customers a huge amount of time.”

Liesbeth Van Raemdonck | Project Manager, VRD


“Thanks to Go4TMS, you only need to enter everything into the system once, so there’s far less chance of errors. And the automation also means that the necessary information is sent to the right people immediately.”

Manuela Straatman | CEO, Anaco


“Order management has been completely adapted to our business: thanks to preconfigured parameters, we can enter the orders fast and outsource them immediately by sending them straight to the courier service.”

Gavin Jones | Sales Manager Europe, Jetpak


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