30 Aug, 2021


    30 Aug, 2021

      Non-stop optimization thanks to Go4TMS


      Jetpak is specialized in urgent global transportation, door to door. Jetpak makes use of ground- and flight-based transport to provide this service. Time and proactive shipment tracking are crucial aspects. Go4Logistics helps Jetpak meet these challenges.

      Jetpak offers solutions for industries with demanding requirements for efficiency, availability and precision. Examples include express deliveries for medical technology, replacement parts for the automotive industry and transport of special and hazardous goods. Thanks to an extensive network of agents, Jetpak guarantees the fastest possible delivery.
      Jetpak is a listed Swedish company. Both Jetpak Belgium and Jetpak Netherlands enjoy the benefits of the Go4TMS platform daily.



      Thanks to Go4TMS, Jetpak saves a lot of manual work and therefore a lot of time. To begin with, order management is fully customized to their business: default parameters allow Jetpak to quickly enter orders and immediately send them onward for outsourcing to the courier service. Go4Logistics has also designed a tool that allows Jetpak to effortlessly send shipment status updates – essential information for urgent deliveries. Finally, Jetpak can e-mail invoices in an automated way and pre-linked documents, such as the POD, are automatically attached. Gavin Jones, Sales Manager Europe at Jetpak is very enthusiastic:

      “Go4TMS is a perfect partner for companies with a ‘time is money’ philosophy, because their automations save us a tremendous amount of time. On top of that, Go4Logistics thinks along, and we always have more optimizations in the pipeline.”

      Intermodal transport

      To ensure the fastest possible delivery, Jetpak uses both air freight and ground shipping. Go4TMS can handle both modes of transport. Whether it is a road transport order or an air transport order, Go4TMS has the specific parameters of each type of transport built in. An air transport order, for example, has an air waybill (AWB) number, and the invoicing is based on volumetric weight rather than kilometers. What could be simpler than a single, comprehensive system for all your shipments?

      Status update module   

      Urgent deliveries, door-to-door, that is what Jetpak does. Part of doing that is providing real-time communication. Go4Logistics has developed a tool that allows Jetpak to keep its customers closely informed of the progress of their shipments. With every change in the status of the order, an update is automatically sent to the customer. It contains the history and further planned routing. This eliminates the need for customers to spend time tracking their package themselves, and they are kept apprised of its location at all times.

      Continue to automate

      Jetpak is always looking for ways to provide a faster, more responsive experience. To this end, Jetpak is now going to invest in the Go4TMS Quote module, with which the quote can be worked out in detail and then immediately sent to the customer. Once approved, the quote is converted to an order directly, without manual intervention.

      Integration with a package for preparing customs documents is also planned. This link will cut the time spent on this process considerably, because it eliminates many manual actions, such as scanning and drag and drop operations. Yet another example of time savings achieved in the administrative processes.

      “Thanks to Go4TMS, we are able to provide the necessary speed and transparency. Go4TMS is, without a doubt, a future-proof TMS package that will support our continued growth,” concludes Gavin.

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