25 Oct, 2022


    25 Oct, 2022

      Real-time follow-up and communication with Go4TMS

      DELIVER-IT in Mechelen focuses on urgent shipments by road and critical time-sensitive shipments for hospitals. For these, real-time follow-up and close communication with the customer are key. To provide this follow-up and communication, the Transport Management System (TMS) from Go4Logistics is an indispensable tool.

      For critical shipments, such as operation kits and implants, delivery at the right time and in the right place is a matter of life and death. DELIVER-IT is the right partner for these critical shipments. Not only because of the 24/7 service and the high degree of flexibility: DELIVER-IT really makes the difference with its all-points, reliable follow-up down to the details. And Go4TMS plays an important role in this.


      Thanks to the Go4TMS web portal, clients of DELIVER-IT can enter their transport orders into the system themselves. No more telephone orders or manual forms. No loss of time, no noise in the communication, no more risk of human error. So DELIVER-IT can fully focus on the fast handling and proper follow-up of every transport.

      Peter Allard, CEO of DELIVER-IT, says, “Following up on every single shipment is our top priority. Thanks to Go4TMS, we can provide documented, transparent communication on every shipment. We inform the customer upon every change in status. If something along the way doesn’t go as planned, we communicate this instantly and propose a solution right away.”


      Integrated proof of delivery   

      Planning of the transport orders has never been easier, thanks to the integrated Go4Planning tool. The tool displays each individual order transparently, so you can link them to a driver and then send them straight to that driver’s onboard computer. That’s not only handy for the planner, but it allows the driver to send back real-time information from on the road. Upon delivery, the driver sends the confirmation (customer signature, photo, scanned QR code, etc.) through the transport app back to the TMS system, and the customer automatically receives the proof of delivery. Best of all, all this data is saved to the right file, so everything about every shipment is easy to find in one place. Employees and customers can review the entire history of any shipment.

      Online inventory management  

      DELIVER-IT is not only the transporter, but also provides logistics space for its customers. Thanks to Go4TMS, DELIVER-IT can also offer extra services to allow the customer to track its inventory itself. When an order is placed, the customer can check the inventory and then set up the order. Even supplementing inventory is something the customer can do fully independently. Customers love this service so much that DELIVER-IT is expanding its warehouse and workshop.

      The future 

      Peter Allard says, “In the near future we want to expand into air freight and container shipping. We’re very glad that Go4TMS is also fully capable of handling these types of transport. We’ve been working with this future-proof TMS system for over 10 years now, and we’re extremely satisfied with it!”

      DELIVER-IT also intends to further optimize the shipping process and give customers the option to print the transport document for every shipment themselves. For all the services it offers, DELIVER-IT wants to go the extra mile for its customers!