30 Aug, 2021


    30 Aug, 2021

      More transparency thanks to Go4TMS

      VRD has been active in the logistics sector for over 35 years now. VRD is a family business that cares about its employees and customers. Their needs are at the heart of everything they do. The employees are entitled to the latest tools, and customers to the highest possible transparency about the status of their goods. The software solutions of Go4Logistics help VRD to realize this ambition.

      VRD is specialized in distribution to DIY shops in the Benelux, in transport of containers and trailers, and in storage/warehousing. VRD first wanted to optimize its distribution activities.


      Everything starts with entering orders in the Go4TMS web portal, the communication platform between VRD and its customers. Through a customized upload system, customers can read in their transport orders quickly and without errors. This enables VRD to process large volumes of orders daily, and it saves a lot of time for both VRD and the customers. All of these transport orders then have to be scheduled as efficiently as possible. Thanks to the integration with a route optimization tool, the most ideal route is established, taking into account a number of parameters. A link with the onboard computers immediately provides drivers with a planning, and they in turn can give feedback about the delivery. And that makes the circle complete. Through the web portal, not only can customers monitor the status of their orders, but they can also share documents, such as the CMR, the signed delivery note or photos.


      Streamlined cross-docking

      Are all goods for tomorrow’s transport in? VRD has a quick answer to this crucial question, because with the Go4Logistics solution, the cross-dock staff scan all incoming goods. So no more manually ticking off of lists or unnecessarily searching for an undelivered pallet. VRD now knows with 100% certainty what is in and what is not, without spending loads of time on it. So now, the warehouse staff can start preparing the outbound transport straight away. All the goods are brought to the assigned location. And if something is not known or a wrong delivery day is proposed, a notification appears. So VRD can be sure that incoming goods can leave for their final destination on time.

      The new solution responds to the increasing customer demand for real-time information. Liesbeth Van Raemdonck, Project manager at VRD, is very enthusiastic:

      “When you as a consumer order something, you get real-time information on the status of your delivery. We also want to inform our customers in the same way. A system that we can rely on to give us 100% accurate information is extremely important to our customer service department! They are therefore very happy with the solution of Go4Logistics”.

      More insight thanks to dashboards

      Delivery reliability is a very important factor in the distribution world. On this point too, VRD wants to offer more transparency to its customers. With the dashboards of the Go4Reporting – Power BI tool, VRD has more insight at a glance, without having to do all the difficult calculations itself. Besides the delivery reliability per customer, they also see the various reasons for an unsuccessful delivery. In this way, VRD has the right information available to discuss and improve this with its customers.

      Liesbeth Van Raemdonck: “Go4TMS has clearly paid off for our distribution activities. We now have a solid and well-developed TMS system, which enables us to offer quality and flexibility. We will therefore also be implementing Go4TMS in our container business”.

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