30 Aug, 2021


    30 Aug, 2021

      Go4TMS for any type of transport

      The transport and logistics service provider Van Moer Logistics sets high standards for its TMS supplier. The transport management system should not only be able to support all transport services of Van Moer Logistics, it should also help them to further expand the organisation. 

      In 2014, Van Moer Transport decided to replace its transport management system (TMS). At that time, the customised TMS package could no longer optimally support the tremendous growth of the company. After an extensive market survey, Van Moer Transport opted for Go4TMS of Go4Logistics. Partly because Go4Logistics could offer them a total solution and also because it proved to be strong in customisation. Additionally, Go4Logistics belongs to the Cronos group, which was an additional asset because this guaranteed Van Moer assistance with any future IT issues.


      Since 2015, Van Moer uses Go4TMS for the management of all customer orders. The graphical planning tool of Go4Logistics supports them in planning their various transport activities, such as curtainsider, container and tank container transport, but also the transportation of building materials and exceptional transport. Go4Logistics also helps Van Moer with their specific needs through new developments and customised integrations. Van Moer wants to offer its customers a one-stop-shop service and is therefore continuously working on optimisation and expansion.

      Container planning tool

      A significant reduction of empty runs, that was the objective of Van Moer. The container planning tool allows you to draw up a cost-efficient journey schedule: through the use of a number of parameters, you soon make the best loading and unloading order combinations so that drivers run fewer empty kilometres. The tool also helps to make maximum use of the container pool: in this way, empty containers are quickly available for another order.

      The communication between the planners and drivers is via the on-board computer. This means that a great deal of data is available in real time. These data can also be used in the post-calculation, among other things to calculate whether the driven route was profitable. And that pays off.

      “Thanks to the container planning tool, we realise fifty percent more volume with 2.5 full-time equivalent less”, says Joris Emanuel, IT Manager at Van Moer.

      By linking Go4TMS with various internal and external systems, Van Moer employees are able to save a lot of time. For example, the integration with the WMS system ensures that an order does not need to be entered twice. There is also a link with the on-board computer, with the trailer track & trace system, and with the fleet management software.

      Stacker screen

      To assist Van Moer with the internal organisation of the container depots around its warehouses, Go4Logistics has developed a customised solution: the stacker screen. This is an app for use in the stacker where the driver receives real-time insight into the orders. He can see on his screen which container he should send along with which lorry. He can also immediately adjust things, such as the status and location of the container. So paper lists and numerous phone calls are history, meaning there is less chance of errors and no duplicate work!
      Thanks to the stacker screen, no one needs to be physically present at the container depots anymore and the planning can be done remotely.

      “Originally, there were two planners at each depot, thanks to the stacker screen, they can now strengthen the central planning”, says Anja De Block, Administration Coordinator at Van Moer.

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