25 Jun, 2020

    Your transport planning will be child’s play with the renewed Go4Planning tool

    25 Jun, 2020

      Go4Logistics knows the challenges of every planner: the influx of numerous orders that must be planned on transport as quickly as possible and as cost efficiently as possible. Moreover, you often need to make further adjustments due to unforeseen circumstances. With the very well-arranged screens of the Go4Planning tool, we support the planner in every challenge. The recent improvements ensure that planning has become a lot easier.


      For example, in less than no time you create the best combinations of loading and unloading orders.
      Useful filters and two separate screens for loading and unloading orders that you see next to each other make sure that you can quickly plan the ideal combination without unnecessary clicking. Whether a driver has to unload goods at home or abroad, he will come back with a full load. Because you can filter by region, you see the perfect combination at a glance, which you can also schedule immediately.

      You can choose from a wide range of filters, e.g. container or trailer type, and you can also search by date and time of loading and unloading. This puzzle is now child’s play. Moreover, you can use the advanced filter very easily to create the planning overview to meet your own specifications. With just the information relevant to you in order to plan best combinations quickly.

      In addition, we have rearranged the planning board to make it clearer. So now you can not only view the planning per day, but also for a full week or even longer. This is ideal for transport over longer routes, such as in international road transport or water transport. You now see immediately how long a particular transport takes and when your lorry or ship is free again. You can also enter unavailability, for example, for maintenance. So all information is available immediately, without having to consult additional screens.

      Last but not least, we have made sure that while planning, you can find all relevant information about your transport in one place: order details, cargo details, equipment information and all useful shipping documents. So you don’t need to search for things yourself.
      Of course, you can still send your transport orders via the Go4Planning tool directly to your drivers’ onboard computer or mobile transport app. If you work with subcontractors, then they can receive your transport order with just one click. Isn’t that convenient?

      Are you convinced that the renewed Go4Planning tool can save you headaches?
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