21 Apr, 2020

    Save time and money with the Go4TMS Order Material Module

    21 Apr, 2020

      You deliver your cargo of merchandise to your customer, but you don’t get your empties back straight away? This is often a familiar situation for many transport companies. Not only from the point of view of costs is it important to get your empties back as soon as possible, the environment is also crying out for sustainability. But how do you ensure the effective recovery of your pallets, containers, trolleys etc.? The Order Material Module of Go4Logistics makes child’s play of monitoring your empties!

      The Go4Logistics Order Material Module is a digital and advanced empties bookkeeping system. This gives you namely a clear view of the empties balance per customer and per delivery address at any time. You can use the Order Material Module for all kinds of goods carriers: various types of pallets, plastic boxes, containers, trolleys etc.

      What exactly does this module do within the Go4TMS solution? The number and type of goods carriers is recorded via the order administration. After unloading, the driver indicates via the onboard computer how many pallets he has for example delivered to the customer and how many pallets he has been given back. With every transport assignment, you will also find details on empties next to the goods information. So in Go4TMS you always have a clear view of the amount of empties you are still owed at every customer and you can monitor the status of your empties quickly and easily. In addition, the administrative staff should not lose precious time by keeping track of this in a separate system.

      Thanks to the Order Material Module, you are assured an accurate, digital registration and monitoring of your empties. This avoids you having to make unnecessary investments in additional goods carriers, which is always a fairly significant expense for many hauliers. The digital overview also improves the relationship with your customer, because there is less miscommunication. Last but not least, the environment also benefits! Fewer raw materials are lost, you need less storage space, …

      Convinced that it could be interesting for your company too? Please contact us and we will look at how you can manage your empties digitally: +32 (0)3 443 12 15 – info@go4logistics.be