09 Apr, 2020

    Do you want to make quicker and better decisions? Then leave the calculations to the Go4Reporting – Power BI tool from Go4Logistics.

    09 Apr, 2020

      Has there been an increase in the number of orders? What is my gross margin? What is the number of empty kilometres? How is delivery reliability? Crucial questions that you need an answer to in order to manage your transport company well and make adjustments. Stop doing the analyses and reporting yourself, because Go4Logistics is introducing a series of powerful dashboards that provide transport & logistics companies an insight into their performance at a glance.


      With over 10 years of experience, Go4Logistics knows the logistics sector both inside and out. We are fully aware of the insights that transport companies need. A container transport company requires a different approach from a distribution company. For one company the waiting times and the empty kilometres may be essential, while the other needs a better insight into the capacity utilisation and reliability of deliveries. For tank transport, for example, you need an overview of the number of cleaning operations and the costs involved.

      We have now converted our insights in the sector into useful reports and dashboards using the Business Intelligence experts in our team. We use Microsoft’s Power BI for this, a user-friendly and accessible tool. In addition to data from your Transport Management System, we can also use other data sources, such as your ERP system, CRM system, on-board computer solution, financial package etc. We link all these data, enrich them and convert them into organised dashboards.

      With the Go4Reporting – Power BI tool you have access to a series of standard dashboards. In addition we can also offer reports tailored to your company. Together, we look into which insights you wish and what data we need for that.

      In this way, we help managers evaluate the performance of their organisation. Dashboards with orders and volumes provide insight in the domains in which you are growing or shrinking, in the evolutions of the number of assignments per client, you see the possible differences per region etc. We can even provide an additional insight into your costs, so that you have a clear picture of your gross or even your net margin.

      The quality of the services to your customers is another important topic for which we can provide more transparency. How do you score, for example, in terms of reliability of deliveries and what is the quality of your subcontractors? What kind of issues occurred during delivery: client wasn’t there, wrongly delivered, late delivery, lost a pallet…? You can find all of this in a visual overview, so that you can take focused action going forward.

      Thanks to clear graphs such as turnover achieved, evolution of orders, information about waiting times etc. you can also be well-prepared when you evaluate the cooperation with your clients. You are aware in advance of the positive parts in your service as well as the difficult points that need to be worked on. This allows you to enter into a constructive conversation with your clients.

      All reports and dashboards can easily be requested, at the office, but also when you’re out, via tablet and smartphone. That way, you never miss an overview!

      Do you also want more insight in your business without having to do the difficult calculations yourself?
      Go4Logistics is happy to help out by setting up the right dashboards for your company!
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