01 Oct, 2020

    The Go4Logistics cross-dock scanning solution for increased efficiency

    01 Oct, 2020

      If you work in the groupage & distribution world, speed is the buzzword. Incoming goods must leave again the next day. So no time to figure things out, let alone get rid of items. With the Go4Logistics cross-dock scanning solution, we help you to receive and process incoming goods. Result: your cross-docking is extremely streamlined and your customer gets his order at the agreed time.


      Do I have all the goods in for tomorrow’s transport? This is the crucial question that everything revolves around when cross-docking. With the Go4Logistics solution, you scan all incoming goods. This gives you an accurate overview of which goods have arrived and which have not. So no more manual ticking off of lists, a time-intensive process in which human error is never ruled out. Also no more unnecessary searching around for a pallet that was not delivered. You know exactly what is there and what is not, without spending loads of time on it. This way you can start preparing the outbound transport straight away.

      By scanning the incoming goods, the cross-dock employee is also immediately shown where to prepare the goods for the outbound transport. You can always enter your own location, for example if there is no order yet.
      And if something doesn’t match the order, or if a pallet isn’t allowed in a particular zone, you get an error message. So you can rest assured that you are not making mistakes, and the right items will leave with the right lorry!

      Moreover, you meet the increasing customer need for real-time insight. Liesbeth Van Raemdonck, Project manager at the VRD Group: “When you order something as a consumer, you get real-time information about the status of your delivery. We also want to inform our customers in the same way. A system that we can rely on to give us 100% accurate information is extremely important to our customer service department! They are therefore very happy with the solution of Go4Logistics”.


      Do you also want to optimise your cross-dock activities? Go4Logistics is happy to help so that your incoming goods can leave for their final destination on time! Call or email us: +32 (0)3 443 12 15 – info@go4logistics.be