07 Dec, 2020

    New online support desk for Go4TMS customers

    07 Dec, 2020

      To provide our customers with even better support in using Go4TMS, we at Go4Logistics developed a new tool: the Customer Portal. In future, customers can contact us through this online platform with all their support questions about Go4TMS.

      Via the Customer Portal, you as a customer can quite easily submit your support query, as well place a request for a functional adaptation. Moreover, the new online tool gives you an overview of all of your questions and their status at any time. So it is no longer necessary to send an email or make a phone call to find out the current status. You can see for yourself at a glance which questions are sent, how many are pending or have been finally resolved.
      The development of the Customer Portal is in the final phase (test phase with a limited number of customers), the official launch is scheduled for early 2021.

      Everything very organised in one place!

      All communication is done within the Customer Portal platform. So sending all those emails back and forth is history! You are also sure that not a single question gets lost. Moreover, you can consult all communication regarding the relevant question in one place, so you don’t have to look for it yourself. And if an action from you is required, then you receive a notification immediately. Efficiency at its best!

      User-friendly platform

      When creating a ticket, you indicate whether it is an ‘issue’ or a ‘change’. You also indicate which product component it concerns (Go4TMS, Go4Planning, Go4Reporting, etc.) and add a short description. You can also easily add attachments, such as a screenshot for clarification. With this information your message is sent directly to the correct Go4Logistics support employee and we will handle your inquiry in the most efficient manner.

      Hussam Faisal, Team Lead for the G4L development team:

      ’I am particularly proud that I may introduce the Customer Portal to our customers, because this development comes entirely from our .NET development team. Since both our customers and our employees will have access to all information at all times, we will be able to respond even faster. With the online support desk, we strive for higher customer satisfaction. Our customers will be better informed, everyone will save valuable time and avoid frustration. Of course, our customers will still be able to reach our support desk by telephone!’

      Would you like to learn more about this handy tool that supports the use of Go4TMS?
      Call us or email us: +32 (0)3 443 12 15 – info@go4logistics.be