06 Jul, 2021

    Van Moer and Molenbergnatie using Secure Container Release solution automated by Go4Logistics

    06 Jul, 2021

      6 July 2021 – Van Moer and Molenbergnatie are the first to be using T-Mining’s Secure Container Release (SCR) solution, and thanks to integration with the Go4TMS Transport Management System from Go4Logistics, the container release process is now fully automated.


      Secure collection of containers

      Since 2020 shipping companies, expediters, transport companies and terminals have had the option to use a secure, PIN code-free method for the release of containers: Secure Container Release. T-Mining, an Antwerp-based startup, spent the past few years developing the Secure Container Release solution, and rolled it out in the Port of Antwerp.

      Stella Melis, SCR product owner at T-Mining, says,

      Secure Container Release is an advanced solution that replaces the PIN code with a blockchain-based digital token. Think of it as a relay baton that gets passed from the shipping company, to the expediter, to the transporter, and ultimately to the terminal, which then knows to release the container to the right driver. Now, with the SCR API, market players like Van Moer and Molenbergnatie can automate that process.


      The ultimate in efficiency thanks to linking with Go4TMS

      Security is one aspect, but an equally important factor is efficiency. And Go4Logistics is fully focused on both. Thanks to the integration with the SCR solution, administrative processes are dramatically simpler; there’s so much less data to input, which means so much time saved. And the real-time information is priceless. If a container gets blocked unexpectedly, or suddenly released at a different quay, you get an automatic alert. So you always know that you’ve got the most recent information at your fingertips.

      Joeri Lyssens, CTO at Go4Logistics, says,

      From the beginning, we were on the same wavelength as T-Mining, asking ourselves the question: how do we improve both security and efficiency for our customers? That’s why we are totally behind an innovative solution like this. With all the container transporters in our customer portfolio, we know the market for container transports inside and out. And we know the demand for digitalization is high. With Go4TMS’s integration with SCR at both Van Moer and Molenbergnatie, we’re making a huge step forward.


      Initial response

      Joris Emanuel, IT manager at Van Moer, is already very enthusiastic:

      This means another real step forward in terms of digitalization and security of our container handling. Going digital increases the security of the chain, because every manual step represents a security risk. And, of course, you also save a lot of time; there’s so much less data to be entered and typed in by hand, which reduces the chance of errors dramatically.


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      About Go4Logistics
      Go4Logistics develops solutions for transport and logistics companies based on a solid foundation of experience in the sector itself. Inspired by the needs of enterprises in transport and logistics, the company developed GO4TMS as a new, innovative total solution based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly Microsoft Dynamics NAV).

      About T-Mining
      T-Mining is an Antwerp tech startup working to make maritime and logistics processes such as Secure Container Release more secure and more efficient. Using decentralized, distributed technologies like blockchain, they develop safer and more privacy-friendly solutions built on advanced security concepts such as SSI (Self Sovereign Identity).