16 Sep, 2021

    Employee in the Spotlight: Bart Stockman, TMS developer

    16 Sep, 2021

      In the Employee in the Spotlight column an employee tells what drives them at Go4Logistics. This time it’s Bart’s turn: Bart Stockman is TMS developer at Go4Logistics.


      Mountains of experience

      Bart has 20 years of experience as a programmer, and actually worked on some of the very earliest software programs himself. But he also has a great deal of experience in the transport & logistics sector. Rail transport, air transport, sea shipping, road transport, he knows it all.

      A few years ago he decided it was time to change things up, so he trained to be a functional business analyst. The knowledge he gained, in combination with his extensive experience, was exactly the right fit when he began at Go4Logistics as TMS developer in May 2018. The business processes within transport & logistics, and the software development side of the job, both appealed to him right away. Since then Bart has focused his efforts on the continuing development of Go4TMS, which is based on Microsoft Dynamics Business Central.


      Wonderful working environment

      Bart has nothing but good things to say about his coworkers: “The atmosphere in the office is always great. I work with wonderful people, and they’re always there to help me out! It’s also great to get a compliment from your boss when you do a good job.”

      There are regular staff meetings, and once per quarter there is a company meeting. For Bart, getting together to look at the strategy, what’s going well, and what could be better, is very important.



      “I’m a perfectionist, and if I take something on I’m going to do it right. I’m also critical by nature, and sometimes I want to do things a little differently. What I like so much about Go4Logistics is that they listen to my technical vision and they always give me the freedom to make our product better, of course with the appropriate dialogue in the organization. Having the freedom to independently develop my projects, and then doing it, really keeps me extremely motivated!” Bart concludes with satisfaction.