04 Oct, 2021

    Are you ready for Certified Pick Up? Go4Logistics gives you a total, secure solution for container collection

    04 Oct, 2021

      Certified Pick Up (CPU) is the new process for container handling in the Port of Antwerp. CPU guarantees you a secure, transparent and efficient release process for incoming containers that need to leave the port by rail, inland waterway shipping or truck. Go4Logistics is a big fan of this new, pincode-free system. And with the new Container Release module in our Go4TMS solution, you also get a fully automated solution for the scheduling and secure collection of your containers.


      Collect containers securely and efficiently

      With the Container Release module from Go4TMS, we offer you an end-to-end solution for the secure collection of your containers. You can complete the entire process within Go4TMS: from processing and planning the order, through automatic linking of the container release rights to the correct order, to assigning a driver or transferring the pickup right to a subcontractor.

      Go4TMS is integrated with both the Certified Pick Up system from NxtPort and T-Mining’s Secure Container Release solution. Additionally, we have set up a configuration for Alfapass, the access pass for drivers in the Port of Antwerpen – another aspect of secure container collection at the port.
      Thanks to these integrations, your administrative processes are a lot easier: you’ve got less data to manually enter and you don’t have to switch from one system to the other. And you’re not making any extra work for the planner, either.

      Plus, the real-time information is priceless. If a container is unexpectedly blocked or suddenly released on a different quay, the planner will be informed by an automatic alert message. So you always know that you’ve got the most recent information at your fingertips.


      Go4TMS takes even more work off your hands

      Want to save even more time? You can, with TAR/TAS linking. Thanks to the integration of Go4TMS with the booking systems of the PSA and DP World terminals, the booking information no longer needs to be entered two times. This saves the planners a lot of time and puts the TAR and TAS codes – the codes you need to make an appointment to pick up or drop off a container – at their fingertips right away.

      Want to be sure you’re swiftly making the best possible container schedule? Then use our container planning tool. The easy-to-read graphic planning board helps you organize all your transports, taking all the parameters into account. And the tool also helps you put together the best combinations to keep the number of empty kilometers to a minimum.


      Do you want to make your container release process more secure and more efficient?
      And would you like to reduce the amount of manual work in your container transports to the absolute minimum?

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