27 Jan, 2022

    Collitax heads into the new year with future-proof TMS system from Go4Logistics

    27 Jan, 2022

      Collitax is active in national and international transport and specializes in groupage & distribution, expediting and tank container transport. They needed a transport management system that included planning software, and needed it to be based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. They found it in Go4TMS from Go4Logistics. The platform went live at the beginning of January.


      3 birds with one stone

      To optimize their business activities, Collitax wanted to be able to handle all their business processes in one central system. For Collitax, the continuity of a known platform was very important, which is why they chose the ERP Business Central package from Microsoft. This immediately defined the first requirement for the TMS system that Collitax needed.

      But there were also two other requirements: the TMS system had to support all the different types of transports that Collitax handled, so they could track all transport assignments in the same system. And, finally, Collitax also needed planning software, and they needed it in the same package.

      Go4TMS from Go4Logistics met all three requirements. After a thorough analysis, test period and training of the Collitax personnel, Go4TMS is now up and running at Collitax.

      The latest of the latest

      Collitax is one of the first customers to implement the new and improved Go4TMS platform. Thanks to the conversion from C/AL to AL, Collitax is reaping all the benefits of a new development environment that allows them to use Go4TMS on any device and with any browser. Plus, it is running on the most recent version of Business Central. So it’s the very latest of the very latest!

      Optimal planning

      Go4Planning helps Collitax organize all its transports as efficiently as possible. The visual planning board helps the planners keep sight of all their many orders at all times, and ensures that Collitax carries out all transports on time.

      Plus, it gives Collitax a link with the drivers’ onboard computers so the planners can see all the transport orders at a glance, right on their own screens. And the drivers, in turn, can feed back real-time data through the link that the planning employees can use to make any adjustments needed. All communication in one platform, for maximum efficiency.


      Do you also want to manage and plan your journeys better with Go4TMS?
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