17 Feb, 2022

    No lack of ambition at Go4Logistics

    17 Feb, 2022

      With the start of the implementation of Go4TMS at Holtstieger in Germany (a branch of Van Moer Logistics), a dream of Go4Logistics became a reality. The strategy for international growth is very clear: growth through building on our existing customer portfolio, by implementing Go4TMS at their foreign subsidiaries.


      Preparatory steps

      We took the initial steps to prepare ourselves for international growth some time ago. Co-founder Joeri Lyssens was put in the position of CTO to allow him to devote his full attention to the product. Recently, the structure of Go4Logistics was adjusted somewhat, with a new public holding company launched under the name Go4Logistics Group NV. This comprises two legal entities: Go4Logistics NV, which is there to provide the services to customers, and Go4TMS NV, which handles the product development. We are now fully positioned to offer the best product with the best service to international customers.


      Growing together with existing customers

      Our international growth plan is built fully around the existing Belgian customers. Veerle, our CEO, clarifies: “We are making a very deliberate choice to take our next steps abroad hand-in-hand with our customers. The relationship we have built up over the years will only strengthen when we start implementing Go4TMS at their foreign subsidiaries. Along with Germany, we also have the Netherlands and Spain on our international agenda. But our main focus remains on the Belgian transport market, because not every company has international ambitions. The Belgian customers have to keep getting the attention they need!


      Growing together with Go4Logistics

      The international ambitions are also creating new opportunities within the team. One example: we will soon be posting 5 new job openings. Without a doubt, it’s going to be an exciting year for our team. We are really looking forward to the new partnerships!