23 Mar, 2022

    Employee in the Spotlight: Els Put, Marketing & Communications

    23 Mar, 2022

      In the Employee in the Spotlight column an employee tells what drives them at Go4Logistics. In this edition we introduce you to Els, responsible for marketing & communications.


      Els began at Go4Logistics in early 2020. Marketing & communications has been a constant throughout her career. And she brings a great deal of experience, having more or less “seen it all” in marketing by the time she joined Go4Logistics after having worked in many different kinds of companies; but her preference has always been, and remains, the ICT sector. About her work at Go4Logistics, she has nothing but good things to say: “I get to do what I like doing, in the sector I enjoy working in, and best of all in a company where the atmosphere is so good!”

      Twin passions

      In her job, Els gets to do what really motivates her. “Writing is my biggest passion. What I like about my job is translating the sometimes very technical matter into comprehensible human language. Sometimes it’s quite a challenge, but my colleagues always make time to explain things to me. And after writing, my second-favorite thing to do is organizing. That’s why I’m looking forward to getting back to the nuts-and-bolts side of everything very soon.”

      One of the things she finds so exciting about her job is the variety in her work. “I get to write blogs and customer cases, create newsletters, maintain the website, launch social media campaigns, but I also get to organize events and trade shows, arrange the company merchandise, and soon I’ll even be organizing webinars. I really love all the variety in my job!”

      Unique atmosphere

      The people of Go4Logistics come from many different countries and backgrounds, and that’s also a real plus for Els. “I love the international character of our company. We come from all over, and we have so much to learn from each other. And yet we all have the same drive, same open-minded outlook, and the same respect for each other. These are fundamental values that I need to feel at home in a place. And yes, we also get time to have fun together. 😊 Soon, we’ll have the fun team events that I really enjoy back on the schedule. I’ve really missed those!”

      International ambitions

      Els is very much looking forward to Go4Logistics’ international future and the opportunities that this will mean for her job. “We’re going to be implementing Go4TMS at our customers’ foreign subsidiaries. This will no doubt mean opportunities for exciting marketing and communication activities. As well as chances for me to meet new people and learn new things, which is exactly what drives me.”