25 Oct, 2022

    Employee in the Spotlight: Usama Bin Aamir, TMS Developer

    25 Oct, 2022

      In the Employee in the Spotlight column an employee tells what drives them at Go4Logistics. This time it’s Usama’s turn. He’s a TMS developer at Go4Logistics.


      Not a single regret 

      Usama, originally from Pakistan, went to work as a .NET developer after finishing his studies. He very quickly realized that he wanted to continue his career elsewhere, and set his sights on Europe. One of the things that appealed to him so much about Europe was the interconnection between countries. Through AIESEC, an organization that offers new graduates opportunities for paid internships in businesses around the world, he made contacts in a number of different companies. In the end it wasn’t a tough choice. Go4Logistics spoke to him most, both in terms of the job content and the company culture. He came to Belgium in February 2019 and has never looked back.



      Usama was, and still is, very interested in new technologies. So he was a perfect fit for the job of Microsoft Dynamics 365 AL developer. Since he started as trainee, he’s amassed a tremendous amount of knowledge and a lot of opportunities have come his way – opportunities for which Usama is extremely grateful. “Not only have I learned a great deal from my colleagues, but I’ve gained the confidence to take on challenging projects. I started out as trainee, quickly moved up to junior developer, and now I’m proud to say my job title is ‘developer’! At this point I have specialized in customizations, wizards, planning and third party integrations. I like the diversity in my job, and I’m always eager to learn new things.”


      Pleasant work environment

      Usama enjoys working at Go4Logistics for more than one reason. “The support I get from my colleagues is really invaluable. They not only teach me all kinds of new things at every turn, but they give me the opportunity to contribute new ideas. And another thing I really love about Go4Logistics is that it has a multicultural team. We have people from all over the world working here. The respect that they show for my culture is something that I very much appreciate. Teamwork and respect are values that are extremely important to me.”


      Busy bee

      But even outside of working hours, Usama is never idle for long. He plays guitar, and was even in a band. He also likes to travel, and is spending a lot of time traveling within Europe right now. He loves European architecture and the openness of the European people. And when he can, he dines out or watches the latest movies. But right now he’s spending a lot of time behind the wheel, because his next goal is obtaining his driving license.