13 Sep, 2022

    Go4Logistics has moved to Atlantic House

    13 Sep, 2022

      13 September 2022 – Go4Logistics, developer of solutions for transport and logistics companies, has moved. You can find their new offices on the 9th floor of the famous Atlantic House in Antwerp North. The new work environment has numerous big advantages, both for the Go4Logistics personnel and their customers.


      Many factors played a role in the search for a new office: good accessibility, growth potential, modern infrastructure, sufficient parking for personnel and visitors… and on and on.  But Atlantic House simply checked all the boxes.

      Veerle Goossens, CEO of Go4Logistics, is absolutely ecstatic about the new office: “Thanks to the extremely full-featured facilities of Atlantic House, we are offering our employees the best working environment they’ve ever had. And it’s not only a new and modern office, but future-proof for our growth. Plus its an ideal location for receiving customers and partners. The presence of a restaurant right here is also an added bonus.”

      Joeri Lyssens, CTO and co-founder, is similarly pleased. “Having the Port of Antwerp so close, not to mention the beautiful view of it we get from the new office, just underscores what is really the heart of our business. And if you visit us here, you’ll see from the foosball table, darts and pool table that we also like to have fun. It expresses the essence of what we are: an outstanding location all around, where we work hard, where we can put our heads together, and where we can meet with customers and partners to both work constructively and have fun!”


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      About Go4Logistics

      Go4Logistics develops solutions for transport and logistics companies based on its own broad experience in the sector. Inspired by the needs of professional parties in transport and logistics, Go4Logistics developed GO4TMS as a new, innovative total solution on the basis of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly known as Microsoft Dynamics NAV).